About the Forum

The development of new technologies has accelerated the growth of medicine in recent years. Science and technology are improving, amazing discoveries are being made and cures for previously untreatable conditions are on the rise with many more on the horizon. There have been great advances in almost all areas – from oncology to surgery, including the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines.

Today, the healthcare sector is being transformed with the implementation of technological innovations such as telemedicine, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

This 6th edition of the Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum will bring together experts and other stakeholders in order to facilitate and encourage mutual exchange of knowledge and newest insights.

Official languages: Russian, English.

  • May 18, 11.30-13.30, Almazov Hall
    Plenary session. Opening ceremony of the 6th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum (21 Kolomyazhsky avenue).
  • Healthcare Innovation Exhibition (21 Kolomyazhsky avenue).
  • May 20, 13.30-15.00, Pavlov Hall
    Plenary session. Closing ceremony of the 6th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum (2 Akkuratova street).

St. Petersburg, 2 Akkuratova street:

Pavlov Hall, Korotkov Hall, Botkin Hall, Lang Hall, Museum, Library, Panoramic Hall, Filatov Hall, Peter’s Assembly Hall.

St. Petersburg, 21 Kolomyazhsky avenue:

Almazov Hall, Kolesov Hall (3rd floor), Mendeleev Hall, Simulation Centre, Boiling Point coworking space: Meeting Room, Small Hall, Smart Room.